Friday, April 4, 2008

Super Savings Saturday 4-5-08

This week I have tried to stay out of the stores and such. I have not been to CVS in a couple of weeks mainly because there is not anything that we really need, however, I do have a bang of ECBs to use before the middle of April.

I have mentioned before that my teenagers think my couponing is a little weird and they tease me about it quite frequently. The old adage that my parents always shared with me, "more is caught than taught!" is coming true! I have been saving the coupons that come in the mail at times for Long John Silvers, KFC, Arby's, etc., in hopes that it might inspire my oldest, who works three days a week when he is not in class, to start using them for his lunches out. I have kept them in plain sight and even one night this week when everyone else was out of the house I purchased dinner out and brougth it home....using one of our coupons. I saved a total of six dollars. It impressed him. This morning I noticed that some of the coupons had been clipped and my daughter (the all knowing little sister) said that Matthew had put some in his wallet! Glory be! That is what I was hoping for....that they would see value in saving money!

I guess my super saving saturday this week would really be that my teens are starting to come around and look for ways to save long as they can 'save face' while doing so it is even more attractive to them.

I will post an update if I get some great bargains tomorrow. I am getting pretty low on some pantry goods and will be heading out tomorrow to try and find some ever becoming extinct deals at the local grocery store.

I would like to leave you with this link to a story I read today on CNNMoney about frugality. The way that some of us choose to live our lives is becoming quite popular out of necessity for todays families. I am just forever grateful that we no longer are slaves to credit cards or consumer debt. We have had the last seven years to hone our skills and while it has not always been easy or popular, right now we feel a sense of freedom that can only come from not having to deal with the burden of debt that is suffocating so many in America today.

Happy Savings!

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