Friday, January 22, 2010

Beginning Again

Life has a way of snagging you and pulling you into a whirlwind when you least expect it especially if you have three teenagers living under your roof as well as a college student three hours away! Much has taken place since I last posted in March. We had one son severely injured in his last home football game on Senior night and who only this week went back to school after being out for more than eleven weeks! We had another son injure his ankle in a farming accident that only by a miracle of the Lord did he not lost his foot or worse his life! Our baby girl started driver's education and now has her permit! One son acquired his first job! So many other things I could have documented and did not. I had written only sporadically before March and mainly focused on great sales that I had found or books that I was reviewing. I will still do some of those same things but this year feels different.

I really want to re-focus and begin to journal again. It is in those times of quiet repose that I can hear the Lord speak to me ever so softly amongst this chaos called life.

This going to be a huge one in our home. Our second son will be graduating from high school in May and heading off to college in August. I will turn an age that I even hate to write down or utter for fear that I realize it is really happening...I am arriving at middle age! EGADS! I will turn 50 in June! How can it be? I mean in my heart I feel young, vibrant, full of life and yet in reality I am at a crossroads...mid-life. Soon we will have an empty nest and while I am very excited to see my children growing into young adults I find myself worrying if I have raised them right, given them the tools to make it in this life that is so full of uncertainty and strife. Have I pointed them to Jesus enough and His Word?

It feels good tonight to be up late pounding on this keyboard. The thoughts that are rolling around in my mind have taken up my precious sleep at night so perhaps the best way to solve those quiet conversations in my head late at night when everyone is asleep is to write them all down.

I first started this blog because I wanted to pursue a simpler life in all areas. My blog tag line says "A Christian Mom in pursuit of a more simplified life in all areas body, mind, spirit, finances, and health." I don't feel that I have pursued much of a simplified life in the last year. In my heart I long to but in reality I have felt like I have been on a bullet train speeding along praying I can keep all the various events of my life in balance. I have not done a great job of that at all. So begins the journey anew. That is one thing about our Father that I love....He can refresh and renew our hearts, minds, and lives. I am ready to get my plan of action going but the plan will have to wait until tomorrow. Until then...

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Diane said...

Welcome back - and (((hugs))). It sounds as if the last months have actually been pretty simple-simply concentrating on getting through.

Fifty is a great place to be; you are much more aware of who you are, what is really important and how God is working in your life. You're still young and spry enough to have occassional adventures - and wise enough to make sure you live to tell about them! You'll have the joy of watching your kids discover what God has in store for them.

I'm not sure how you ended up in my reader (via Rocks in my Dryer, maybe?), but I'm glad you did! Have a blessed day.