Saturday, January 30, 2010

Planning and More

I have taken a few days to gather my thoughts but preparations for possible power outages kind of took place of my ultimate 'plan'. We were socked with several inches of ice and sleet before it turned to 8 inches of snow. We have had two snow days off of work and school as well. My husband helped out tremendously in getting us prepared in case we were to lose power. I pray for those in the SW part of our state that are currently without power. We were spared in our town from losing power and for that I am deeply grateful.

This whole event reminded me that while I try to have a fully stocked pantry I also need to have a better emergency plan instead of the one that rolls around in my brain.

I am getting a late start in the goal planning for 2010 but instead of just blowing it off because it is January 30th, I am going to forge ahead and set some goals. This year is a big one in our family! Actually the next three years we will have three children graduate from high school and one prayerfully from college. Lots of stress, excitement, and planning!

I have decided in February to set a few goals that will help faciliate the coming months leading up to Seth's graduation from high school.

February Goals
1. Create mail merge list for Seth's graduation announcements.
2. Begin to gather pictures and print off for scrapbook retreat in April.
3. Strive to exercise each day.
4. Taxes done
5. Declutter, organize, and decorate our laundry room.
6. Gather materials needed to paint buffet in breakfast room.
7. Blog more than once a week!

That is all I am going to add to my list. I have a tendency to make a huge list and then get so down on myself when I do not mark everything off. I have had one item on my 'to do' list now for three years....I want to paint a built in buffet in my breakfast room. I am going to do this at some point but have decided not to add it to a list. If I can have the supplies at hand I feel I will be one step closer to tackling this project that I keep putting off.

Long Range Goals for 2010
1. Research and price the refacing and/or painting of our kitchen cabinets.
2. Exercise at least four days per week.
3. Clean eating every day but one free day.
4. Save 2000.00
a. Do not eat out at lunch
b. Cook at home more.
c. Get back into Once a Month Cooking
d. Become more organized in my coupons and saving strategies
5. Read Beth Moore's new book and study So Long, Insecurity!
6. Plan a sweet sixteen party for Hannah
7. Plan a graduation party for Seth
8. Prepare items for Seth to take to college
9. Plan a time to get away with my husband.
10.Organize each room in my home. Declutter and store items effectively.

So that is what I can think of currently. I have more for the 2010's list but will update as necessary.

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