Thursday, November 29, 2007

A little bit about my story, part one

Over fifteen years ago journaling became my release, passion, and way to communicate with my Father. I had endured the pain of divorce and the sudden loss of my dreams. I was raising a young son as a single parent and I was not happy about the prospect of that at all. What began as a journal, to keep track of what was taking place in my life, soon became my way of communicating with my Abba Father. At times, the feelings would become so powerful and the words would be swimming all around in my head that I would have to write them down, whether it was in the middle of a meeting, in the car waiting to pick up my son, in the middle of the night... it did not seem to matter when or where it was….when the Lord was speaking to my spirit, I stopped and wrote it all down.

When email became the instantaneous way to communicate with others, I began to send my musings/devotions via this wonderful medium. It was at this time that a friend from our singles encouraged me to write a book. She pointed out that I had the chapters and content if I would just compile my emails together. Life went on and I never got around to doing this. I played with it but felt that there was no end to the story. I could not seem to bring the book to an end. Besides I was no 'writer' or 'author' just someone who communicated in words with my Savior.

Fast forward to December 2000. My life was full and content. I had finally released my desire to remarry and had made peace with the Lord knowing that it was truly His will that I desired. I did not want to seek out a mate…that was for Him to take care of in my life. I was happy to be a single mom the rest of my life if that is where the Lord wanted me. The Lord truly has such a heart for his children! His plans are so intricately woven that it is hard to see how each event in one’s life has some purpose. We, in our humanness, can't seem to understand all the twist and turns our lives take, but each event, moment, heartache, and triumph has a purpose. There was a purpose in my pain. God had a reason for allowing the events in my life to take place.

December 6, 2000, was an ordinary day. I was thrilled it was Wednesday, because that meant I did not have to pick up my son after school at 2:30, since he had an after school enrichment class. I missed having a usual noon lunch hour since I had started using my lunch time to pick up my son each day from school. I did this in order for us to have a little extra bit of time together before I arrived home after work.

However, this day meant I could go out to lunch, run errands or various other things for that one hour. Around 2:45 pm I was suddenly startled out of my work mindset. I had been asked to do something for one of the VPs in our office and I had forgotten to do so. I jumped up from my seat and headed out of my office and up the hall to get the form I needed to fill out. I ran into our Russian student worker who had a confused look on his face. I asked him if he needed help and he said that he could not understand what the man at the front of the office wanted. I walked up and do not really remember much about how the man looked other than a very sweet smile, welcoming eyes, and that was about it. He needed to find the Athletic Director and wanted to know if I knew who it was. Of course I did! I had known the director since I was a young girl. He attended my church. I kept this information to myself but wrote down the AD’s information….that is all but his name! This nice man somehow made me a little nervous. Upon my giving him the post it note he then asked me, "And his name is?" I became flustered and said, "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, his name is Mr. Wagnon.". I had written down everything but his name! As I pulled the note off the pad it flipped clear across the room! Man, I was really nervous for some reason. He thanked me and left and I turned and walked back down the hallway to my office. I never gave the man with the big, sweet smile a second thought. to be continued

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Vanessa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading more of yours. I can't wait to read "the rest of the story."

Love the music, too. I need to figure out how to put that on mine.