Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Time has been flying by this summer. I have not found much time to be on the computer in the evenings to post. In a house full of teenagers the computer gets a work out. The only person that used to be on the computer was our daughter and our college age son. Now our middle son has discovered Facebook and he is on the computer when our daughter is not! It has been awesome to see his friendships blossom with those in the youth group. He has always stated that he would never use a computer. He hated them. I guess you should never say never!

My posting may be a little sparse but lots have gone on in the last two or three weeks. I turned 48! Yikes! I can't believe that I am 48 and have been out of high school 30 years! I was also interviewed for an article about gray hair in our newspaper. I grayed early and it is more white than gray. I have been driving my non-drivers around the entire county for parties with church friends, movies, driver's ed, and shopping. I have also been going to bed early so I can arise and workout!

Today we are going down the street to our dear friends home for a cookout and swimming. Our middle son practically lives there because it is the home of his best friend Jacob.

The real exciting thing that has happened this summer is my husband had a change in jobs and is no longer working for a police department but for a corporation....a great corporation in their security department. So today is the FIRST 4th of July in FIVE years that we have had him with us! We are so thrilled!!!!!!!

So I promise to get back on the bandwagon iwth my writing. I have so many things to share.

I pray you each have a blessed and safe 4th! Happy Independence Day!


Lisa said...

Yeah, you're back! I've missed hearing what's been going on. Hope you have a wonderful 4th as well.

Debbie said...

I found your blog throuhg another blog, from another blog (and yes, I know I should find something more productive to do tonight than go on a Blog Trail...)

I love the thought of living simply, I like that you are not 20 - since I am in the earliest possible part of the 50's - and I have several teens who love Facebook. So, since we have so much in common....I'll be back :)