Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WFMW 7-16-08

Back to School Madness

It is that time of year when families begin thinking about back to school. It is my favorite time of the year. I remember the long, hot days of summer when my Mom would bring me the back to school issues of Teen and Seventeen magazine so I could pour over the pages of fashion and get my ideas and plans together. I loved school supply shopping and look forward to it each year.

This is the TIME to buy your school supplies. Also if you have grown children now is the time to purchase those supplies for your own office or better yet buy a bunch and donate to your church or charitable organization. Donate to a single parent that you know to help ease their struggle. How about your neighbor that has been laid off from work? There are so many wonderful things you can do with these very inexpensive supplies!

For several years my church has had a back to school drive to help those single parents and others that were struggling. This year one of our pastors has felt the call to extend it to our community. We are hoping to reach 1000 families. Check out What a fantabulous idea to help those that are in a crisis right now.

Now is the time for me to stock up my supply closet and replenish those items that we have used in the past year. This is also the year that we buy a new backpack for our daughter entering high school. We buy Janzsport backpacks and they have a lifetime warranty. Our sons are still carrying the ones from middle school. You can usually find them on sale at Kohls and other stores for under 20.00. Many times we have found them on sale for under 10.00 at TJMaxx.

These ideas all work for our family. For more ideas check out Rocks in My Dryer. Thanks for stopping by!


Armentine said...

Interesting post..! This is the perfect time to get our school supplies.

C Swirl said...

There are several churches doing this, and I know that teachers really appreciate this too. Otherwise, it is the teachers thathave to help the students come up with the things they need each day. What a great ministry for Henderson Hills. I love back to school supply prices.

And, I second the motion on the Jansport backpacks. I have 2 (I found a brand new one at a garage sale for $2 the other day) and I plan on them lasting for awhile. I didn't know they had that warranty. I'm checking into that.