Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday 5-14-08

This is the time that many are experiencing graduation ceremonies, parties and the like. We will be attending the graduation of our niece on Friday night in Oklahoma City. This brings me to a timely post.

Two years ago our oldest graduated from high school. I remember the difficulty coming up with the addresses for the announcements and party invites. I also knew that I would not get my son to hand address his announcements like my mother had made me do oh so many years ago! So I created a mail merge in Microsoft Word and used a beautiful calligraphy font. I measured the announcement envelopes, set up the parameters and printed them off our ink jet printer!

Oh my goodness they looked beautiful and professional! I not only had the computer/printer address the envelopes but I also had it print out our return address. The time to set up the mail merge was not too bad and if one already had the addresses of family and friends in a Word or Excel file it would zip right along.
Our second child will graduate in 2010. I am already updating the address file so that when it is time to send his announcements it will be more like bada bing bada boom and viola….printed envelopes ready to go!

Also the past several months I have been buying the Forever Stamp from the US Postal Service. As many of you know the price went up to .42 cents on Monday. I purchased several hundred of the stamps at .41 cents. I have them put away for Christmas cards and graduation announcements. I believe in being prepared and frugal.

I saved the decorations from the graduation party two years ago. I will only need to buy new napkins and such. I plan on picking those up at the after graduation clearance sales. Two years later the same decorations are still in the stores.

Many of you may wonder if I will remember where I will store these items. I have a special box that has all the graduation supplies in it. I also have a special place that I am keeping it on the top shelf in my closet.

These things work for me! For more Works for Me Wednesday visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer.

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas! After Christmas or other Holidays, depending on your school colors you can get decor on clearance and save for Graduations too.