Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ice Storm 2007

UPDATE: My Mom and her friends made it home slowly but safely and it appears they did just in time. Tomorrow is going to be rather nasty. My place of work is closed tomorrow but my children so far have to go to school. I know by this late evening that will change as well.

I am up trying to stay warm and praying that our power does not go out. We have had so far several waves of thunderstorms that is pouring ice onto our area. I have opted to stay home from church, since most in our area have cancelled, except our church.

My husband is in law enforcement and is at work. No telling how long he will be stuck at work.

Right now I just heard that my Mom has taken a trip with two friends to Dallas. They are coming back today. Yikes! It scares me but in another sense I am excited about her trip. My Mom and Dad have been inseparable for nearly 49 years. My Mom has never been the type of mother to have her friends and spend time with them. She has always spent her time with her husband and children. She is the most loving Mom and we all know how much she cares for us. Imagine our delight as a family when we heard she is going on this girls weekend!!! But my heart is anxious. My Daddy just told me to not worry. Funny words coming from the one that worries like I do! So far the road conditions are okay until they get into the Central part of Oklahoma. If you are reading this, please be in prayer for them.

It is going to be tough for me to not stare at the television screen all morning since all three local news channels are on CONTINOUSLY monitoring this ice storm. It has not stopped raining ice for over one hour and just now it has started up again big time with lightning and thunder.

Many of you may remember several years ago the ice storm in Oklahoma that left many without power in the rural areas for at least two months. Prayers would be wonderful right now.

I better log off now. The lightning is getting worse.
Blessings to all from a very icy morning in Oklahoma!

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Vanessa said...

Praying that your mom made it home safely and that everyone still has power. I have to be honest and say that I have not watched any news today, so I don't know how bad it got there. We've just had lots of rain here. I would love for it to snow, but I certainly don't want to deal with ice. We'll keep our OK neighbors in our prayers.