Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Like every Mom I know, I am very busy. Plus I have a husband that is in law enforcement who has a crazy schedule. Add to the mix four very active teenagers and life can get crazy! If you are not organized things can go south rather quickly! I have struggled for years to find the right purse/handbag for work plus ways to keep that bag organized. I have tried them all! I have come across something lately that really seems to be working for me. I have one of those Mom Bag's my kids call them. You know the ginormous purse that holds everything but the kitchen sink. I hate that it is so dark and voluminous that at times I can't find just what I am looking for. But on the other hand I love the bag. It is a beautiful leather bag that my husband bought me this fall and I adore it and it is sturdy, attractive, and perfect. The following is what has worked for me now longer than anything else:

I bought three clear vinyl zippered bags from Wal-Mart. They are all the same size and were under two bucks each! They are clear so you can see what is inside. I also had a small fire engine red zippered pouch. It is perfect for my driver's license, debit card, and cash. It is so easy to spot it in the cavernous purse.

One zippered bag I keep as a mini office: stamps, tiny sticky notes from the dollar store, a nifty highlighter/post it flag notes pen, ink pen, coupons to local places to eat, checkbook, bank receipts, small calculator, teens schedules on a laminated card, and business cards.

Another bag serves as my make-up bag with powder, eyeglass cleaner, lipstick, gloss, floss, even a small measuring tape, etc. You get the picture.

Then I use the last bag for various snacks that can fit in there such as gum, mints, a protein bar, my favorite tea bags.

I love this! It has worked out so awesome for me! They may not be pretty but I can toss whatever I need in my swanky bags when hubby and I go out and no one is the wiser.

It has helped me feel not so discombobulated and it really works for me! If you want to see more great ideas head on over to Shannon's at Rock's in My Dryer and check out the Works for Me Wednesday!


Barbara said...

Good ideas. Breaking the chaos into a more manageable size would certainly help.

Catherine said...

This is a great idea - I'm going to try this thanks!

Kelly said...

Great ideas! My purse is a pit- I need all the help I can get:-)

Jennifer said...

Great ideas. I do this to some degree already, but you have given me ideas for a couple of new pouches. :)

ames said...

Great tip! I have a bright orange wallet for the very same reason: easy to spot!

Emily said...

Brilliant! Are you a flybaby, by chance?

Vickie said...

No I am not but I have been a follower of the flylady in the past. I just got tired of not finding things and finally one night grabbed these 3 bags and tried to make something work. It is easy for my children to find things to, mainly gum, if I am busy and they need something from the Mom Bag! Thanks so much for your comments!

Jendeis said...

This is such a great idea! Thanks for leaving it for us!

Phyllis Sommer said...

this is a great idea. i like the mini office. thanks

Laane said...

Oh this is great!
I'm going to do this tomorrow morning.
Thanks a lot!!!!

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