Saturday, December 29, 2007

Look what I found today at TJMaxx!

Look at the cute candle holder I bought at TJMaxx today. I need to buy tea lights to place in each bird but my daughter added the red candles for now. There are six little birds and they are 'talkin' to each other. If you look closely you can see the second bird turning to jabber to the first. It is so cute. I have never been a big fan of bird things but I saw this last night and it was so unique looking. I then woke up at 4 this morning thinking I should have purchased it since I thought it would look great on the mantel with my blue and white urns, plates, and our great painting of Texas bluebonnets.

I tend to do this each time I take the Christmas decorations down. I want to re-do everything. Re-purpose items from other areas of the house. There must be a message there. All I know is that I am ready for a change. I am hoping to head to Canton, Texas to the big flea market in the spring. I have never been and today I was thinking it was time to take a little trip down there to load up on some goodies!

My den needs help. It is the only room that we did not do anything major to when we bought our home two years ago. This home my parents built when I was ten. They sold it in 1993. Two years ago I wrote the woman they sold it to a letter and asked if she ever wanted to sell it to contact us first. She called the next day! It is awesome living in this great home that my parents so lovingly built. It is spacious and in a great location. The kids attend the high school near our home that I also attended. It is close to our church, shopping, events, and it is in a beautiful neighborhood filled with huge oak trees. We remodeled most every room but the den. It still has the paneling! I have a vision in my head but have not had the time or money to get it done. I love the cottage look. Hopefully in 2008 we can begin to work on this great room.


EdibleEducation said...

I love the story of how you ended up buying your parents old home! What a special place full of memories for you to be living in now w/your family!

My dh and I have talked about what we would do if his parent's first home ever was to end up for sale (very close to where his parents now live)...sometimes it's hard to separate the memories from the deal and see if it really is a good thing or not - and I'd say in our case - it might not be such a good deal since the current owner has not kept things up at all. But it's still fun for us to "dream" about.

Laurie said...

The birds are adorable - but I love your home's story!