Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sweetness abounds

This past Saturday evening was the Winter Ball at the high school two of my children attend. Since my husband had to work I was the deemed the driver on this night. The sweetest thing happened and I just had to share it with ya'll.

There were to be five couples in attendance which included my son and his date. Four of the young men were from a private Christian school in town and at the last minute two were unable to attend. This left two sweet young ladies without their dates. The next thing that happened was a sight to see. The two remaining young men showed up bearing gifts. These two sweet young men had a wristlet corsage for each girl! They were beautiful red roses. At dinner that evening, they paid for all four young ladies dinner and refused any assistance. When I picked up my son, his date, and two of the young ladies they were all a chatter about how wonderful these two young men had been. These young men and their parents need to be commended. I saw first hand how they brightened up the evening of four very sweet Christian girls. It brought tears to my eyes when they pulled out those beautiful corsages.

Today with the culture riding so heavily on the extreme it is often difficult to find the good in a lot of teens pr their choices. Many are misguided or caught up in trying to 'fit in'. These two young men showed the parents in attendance that there are still those Christian youth that buck the system and follow their parents guidance. It was but a small gesture that had a huge impact on all that witnessed it. It was something I will remember always.


tickledpink.nicole said...

I'm crying tears of joy. What an amazing boy you've raised, and he's clearly someone who surrounds himself with amazing friends. Great story!

Ronnica said...

I'm glad I can be of help to you on the Walmart issue. Thanks for stopping by!

C & D said...

Wow. I can only hope that my daughters find nice young men like your son and his friends someday. Great story