Thursday, March 20, 2008

Frugal Fridays 3-21-08

This weeks Frugal Friday post is going to be short and sweet. Today is Good Friday and I really do not want to take a lot of time blogging.

This year I am bucking the trend....a trend that has been a part of my life since I was a small girl. This year I did not get new Easter shoes or an outfit! I did not get my boys Easter clothes and only bought my daughter a new top to go with a skirt we already had and she had cute shoes to match in her closet!

This year I decided that just because it is Easter and all the spring regalia appears in churches all across this great nation of ours.....I was not going to succumb to pressure and 'buy' something new. Instead I am re-working an outfit that I already own and wearing mules that I have had for quite some time! Shocking I know, but it all about Easter baskets, candy, new shiny shoes, spring outfits, and the like? NO! It is about celebrating our Risen Savior! Somehow I think He won't mind if we were good stewards of our finances and all that He has given us by wearing something we already own!

This will be my first STRESS free Easter! I have free candy I have saved up from CVS trips, plus some free goodies to put in my teenagers Easter baskets. I also have free Easter eggs and more candy for my nieces and nephews and the big Easter Egg Hunt after lunch.

Low Pressure and Stress Free....a day to spend with family and to worship our Risen Savior! I'd say that is a winning combination!

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2 comments: said...

Yes! Let's rebel together! The two big religious holidays when people are supposed to focus on our Savior can get so twisted into focusing on the stuff. Thank you for this post and for not shopping. We're kindred spirits.

Gretchen said...

Great idea. I, too, am wearing something I already have. It's sooo tempting to buy new just for the sake of having it. But, I would probably buy something which would only be used a few times, anyway. Happy Easter to you.