Sunday, March 16, 2008

My 90th Post!

Wow, I can't believe that I have posted 90 times since early December! Ten more posts and I am putting up a 100 things about me! Can't wait!

Me and my darling daughter are down in Big D. That is Dallas, Texas, for those of you that are not from the Central United States. We drove down yesterday and have been having a great time visiting with friends, eating at great restaurants, and doing some shopping on the side.

Speaking of shopping......I hit a couple of CVS stores here in the Dallas area. WOW! How I wished our stores were stocked like these! I made two very awesome transactions. Well actually three. One transaction my OOP (out of pocket) ended up being .86 cents! I did not even have any coupons to use or CVS coupons. I used ECBs and ended up generating 28.00 in ECBs!!!!! Oh my goodness I was so excited!!!

I had another transaction buying the 8.99 Maybelline lip gloss. I used two ECBs, no other coupon, and the OOP was almost 3.00 but I generated nearly 20.00 in ECBs! Why you might be asking yourself? Well I had forgotten about the online survey I filled out a few weeks ago for CVS. Not only did the transaction generate my 8.99 for the lipgloss but it generated a 10.00 ECB for filling out the survey!!!! WOO HOO!

My last transaction at another store I purchased:
3 Vitamin C
2 Listerene Mouthwash
4 Lypsyls
2 pkgs of plastic Easter Eggs
2 Dove Bars
2 bags of Jelly beans
6 Snickers Protein Bars that were marked down to .37 cents each!
1 pkg. of Sour Patch candies for my daughter
I used the two ECBs that totaled 18.99 plus I had three CVS gift cards that I had been given when ECBs did not print out...they totaled: 10.58 and my total OOP was around 7.00! But the big news is I generated: 32.00 ECBs!!!!!

So currently I have 59.00 in unused ECBs and my total OOP for today for 3 transactions was: 10.00!

I did not buy one thing that we will not use. This program has been a huge blessing to me and my family. My daughter could not believe her eyes when I pointed out that the huge bag she was carrying out of the store only cost me .86 cents! I had only shopped at CVS maybe twice in my entire adult life! I felt it was too overpriced and could not understand their Easy Care Card program. Let me tell you that I am thankful for MoneySavingMom sharing her knowledge about CVS and I am now a confirmed FAN of CVS!!

This trip has also been so sweet to visit with my dear friend Lisa. I have been blessed with her friendship the last seven years. Lisa reached out to me when I married my husband. She had been his late wife's best friend, mentor, confidant, and prayer partner. She has given me insight into these three children that I now call my very own. Her guidance, prayers, and acceptance have meant more to me than I could ever adequately express. I have often thought about how difficult it must have been for her to accept someone new into the group of friends that they shared. I can say that everyone in that group have been such a inspiration to me.

Tomorrow we will have more fun with the crew. I think the shopping is over with until Tuesday morning when I hit Kroger!! WOO HOO! Can't wait!

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