Saturday, March 8, 2008

Super Savings Saturday 3-8-08

Wow this week has been such a rush for me saving money for my family! It started last Sunday. I went to two CVS after church because I could not find everything I wanted/needed at one store.

The above photo combines the two visits. Missing from the photo are several packs of gum, a hair prodcut, and distilled water.

My first transaction my OOP was .72 cents!!!! I had manufacturers coupons, ECBs, and the 5 off of 15.00 coupon. I was able to purchase six bags of candy for my teens Easter baskets and the Easter egg hunt with all my nieces and nephews; 2 boxes of cookies, gum, distilled water, one crest mouthwash, four Colgate toothpaste. I earned back in ECBs around 21.00! There was a young woman standing behind me when I was purchasing these items. She started laughing when I was handing over my coupons. It was around 44.00 at first. I then started handing the cashier my coupons and when he said, "Wow, that will be .72 cents!" Then the ECBs started printing and he told me the total on the long tape. As I was walking out the door I heard her ask him, "How in the world did she do that?" Yea for CVS!!!

My second transaction consisted of one more Crest mouthwash, a pack of gum, a snack pack of cashews, and a free bag of candy I earned when I scanned my card. I paid with a 5.00 ECB and a coupon for the Crest. My grand total OOP was .76 cents but it came off a CVS gift card that I had been given two weeks prior due to an ECB not printing in reality it was free! Plus I earned the 3.49 for the Crest!

Last Sunday my OOP from my own pocketbook was .72!!!!! I was on a roll!!!

Today I just got back from a run to the CVS closest to my home. A man was stocking the shelves by the razors and I have been looking for the elusive Venus Embrace. He asked if he could help me and he pulled one out of the infamous blue bins he was unloading. He then told me he was the manager and we struck up a conversation. He told me when the stock arrives at all the stores in my area. He was so nice.

I ended up purchasing quite a few things we needed plus some had ECBs coming back. The grand total scared me a bit since I have not spent money like that since beginning CVS. I do not mind paying for things OOP everything now and then, since I am no longer lining the pockets of those at corporate in Arkansas; home of the big box store.

Grand total at first was 88.00!!! But after my ECBs from last week, coupons, my 5/30 that I got in an email this week my ending total and out of pocket was 37.91. However, I received around 27.00 in ECBs back!!! Making my true OOP around 10.00!! I was able to purchase some protein bars that were marked down 75% off for .30 cents and .40 cents a piece! My boys go through them like crazy. I bought nothing that we did not use or need.
All in all this week has been a very good week indeed. My kids are getting on board more now in regards to spotting deals and letting me know their needs ahead of time. The boys now ask if I have a coupon for such and such. I think they see the change. What great lessons they are learning for their futures!
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Heidi @ GGIP said...

Great job! i don't mind paying some out of pocket at CVS either. I figure they are giving me some pretty great deals anyhow.

I was finally able to find all 3 kinds of razor deals this week after 3 visits to CVS stores! We should be set for them, but I will get another Venus next week if they have them b/c I still have one more coupon.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Great Job. I had a good week at CVS too. I love that place!

I hope next week brings you lots of savings too!

~ Amy @ Memoirs of a Mommy

C Swirl said...

I am so addicted. My 4 year old spots CVS signs and says, "oh mommy there is your store". I guess that is pretty bad, huh? You got some goodies. I can't find the venus razors anywhere. Yay for your haul!

Christi said...

HI Vickie! I share your passion for saving:) I am a CVS junkie too. Found your site through Robin Storch.