Sunday, March 2, 2008

MPM 3-3-08

Last week I tried a new recipe for skillet lasagna. Actually when I got home from work my sixteen year old son had it all put together and all I had to do was serve it up once it was cooked. He has told me that if I give him a menu he will help me out on the days that he is not at practice. He loves to cook and would love to be a chef one day. Of course this is after his illustrious NBA career and being a FBI agent. He loves to cook and is good at it so I am going take him up on the offer!

This week we are having:

Monday: Oven fried chicken legs, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad (We are taking chicken legs and after giving them a good rinse and removing the skin we are going to pat them dry. Dip in an egg wash and then roll in a mixture of plain bread crumbs, a little flour, parmesean cheese, and Italian seasonings. Spray the cookie sheet with a little cooking spray and baked until nice and golden brown. My son and I have kinda made this up and we are not sure of times yet. I will post an update.

Tuesday: Santa Fe Chicken Soup and cornbread (it is a new crock pot recipe I am going to try out. I will post it next week if it is good.)

Wednesday: Eat at church

Thursday: Turkey Meatball Sandwiches and whole grain chips

Friday: Pizza Night

Saturday: Tortilla Soup and Quesadillas

Sunday: Crockpot Lasagna, salad, and broccoli

Tune in next week. I am going to post my smoothie recipe that I make at least twice a day and have since April. One day this week I am going to try and take pictures of the process. Stay tuned!

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Cindy Beall said...

Crockpot lasagna sounds tasty. Where can I get the recipe?

Vickie said...

I just use a regular lasagna recipe, much like last weeks Skillet Lasagna and instead of boiling the noodles I layer the lasagna in the crockpot and put the noodles in dry.

I use turkey meat that I season, onions, Ragu or sometimes I make my own tomatoe sauce. I also use Riccota cheese mixed with Parmasean or I have used cottage cheese mixed with an egg, seasonings and cheese. I put it all together the night before in the crock pot and put the pot in the fridge until the next morning.

I will see if I can figure out the exact measurements for ya. I will email them to you.

C Swirl said...

You should post a section on your blog with your recipes! You always have great ideas, and most seem like they are pretty healthy. The tortilla soup and the Oven fried chicken sound YUM. Actually... all of it sounds yum... but those are what stand out to me right now... while I am waiting for lunch.