Saturday, March 22, 2008

Super Savings Saturday 3-22-08

Wow this week has been awesome! Truly since last Saturday I have saved a bundle for my family at Walgreen and CVS.

My camera is not shooting clear pictures at the moment so I don't have a picture but let me tell you what I purchased last week:

I hit a couple of CVS stores in the Dallas area when we were down there last weekend.

WOW! How I wish our stores were stocked like these! I made two very awesome transactions. Well actually three.

One transaction my OOP (out of pocket) ended up being .86 cents! I did not even have any coupons to use or CVS coupons. I used ECBs and ended up generating 28.00 in ECBs!!!!! Oh my goodness I was so excited!!! I had another transaction buying the 8.99 Maybelline lip gloss. I used two ECBs, no other coupon, and the OOP was almost 3.00 but I generated nearly 20.00 in ECBs!

Why you might be asking yourself? Well I had forgotten about the online survey I filled out a few weeks ago for CVS. Not only did the transaction generate my 8.99 for the lipgloss but it generated a 10.00 ECB for filling out the survey!!!! WOO HOO!

My last transaction at another store I purchased:3 Vitamin C, 2 Listerene Mouthwash, 4 Lypsyls, 2 pkgs of plastic Easter Eggs, 2 Dove Bars, 2 bags of Jelly beans, 6 Snickers Protein Bars that were marked down to .37 cents each, 1 pkg. of Sour Patch candies for my daughter. I used the two ECBs that totaled 18.99 plus I had three CVS gift cards that I had been given when ECBs did not print out...they totaled: 10.58 and my total OOP was around 7.00! But the big news is I generated: 32.00 ECBs!!!!!

So currently I have 59.00 in unused ECBs and my total OOP for last Saturday for 3 transactions was: 10.00! I did not buy one thing that we will not use. This program has been a huge blessing to me and my family. My daughter could not believe her eyes when I pointed out that the huge bag she was carrying out of the store only cost me .86 cents! I had only shopped at CVS maybe twice in my entire adult life! I felt it was too overpriced and could not understand their Easy Care Card program. Let me tell you that I am thankful for MoneySavingMom sharing her knowledge about CVS and I am now a confirmed FAN of CVS!!

Now on to this week!
I decided I would try and finish a few deals here in Oklahoma. I was not too confident since our stores seems to not have the stock on the beginning of the sale let alone the end. I ended up going to two stores and this everything that I purchased:

1 Lypsyl to finish my limit, 2 shaving creams, 3 packages of Soleil replacement razors, 1 Soleil Razor, 1 hand scrubber, 5 Irish Spring Speed Stick deoderants, 14 Pria Protein bars marked down to .37 cents, 1 Woman's Day magazine, and I think that is all.

My total OOP for both transactions was: 1.47!!! I earned back around 24.00 ECBs.

At Walgreens this week they had Stay Free on sale for 2/5 and I had coupons for 2.00 off of 2. I bought four packages. I also had 1/1 coupons for Rimmel Mascara. All the Rimmel was on sale BOGO so I used two coupons and got the mascara free. I also used Soleil coupons for the razor on sale for 5.99 and I had a 2.00 off coupon. With the purchase of a razor you received the replacement razor heads for free, a 6.99 value. When it was all said and done I had used 8.00 in manufacturers coupons, received a 6.99 gift of razors, and 11.86 was Walgreen sales. My total was 12.45 OOP and I had saved over 26.94. The cashier was amazed, however, with CVS it is much more dramatic in savings.

All in all it was a very productive week. Tonight I will be putting all the free candy I have received at CVS into the free Easter Eggs I have received....getting ready for the family hunt tomorrow after church and lunch. Easter Blessings All!

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Lori said...

Wow! I am really impressed! I hope one day I can manage savings like that. Blessings!