Friday, March 28, 2008

Super Savings Saturday 3-29-08

This week I have not been to CVS or Walgreens. I plan on making a trip to both later on Saturday morning. I am also going to head to Target for a few sales I saw on MoneySavingMom. This week has been a great bargain week however in the clothing department for our teenager boys.

As I mentioned in my Frugal Friday post, my husband found Levi and Wrangler jeans for two of our teenage sons on clearance for 4.98 a pair! They were pumped. They totally loved the jeans. They are both SO picky on jeans. One likes classic jeans the other son prefers the baggy, full leg type jean. They are so close in age but SO far apart in their style of dress.

Tonight we hit TJMaxx to pursue the sale racks. My boys love to wear the long, madras plaid shorts that have been popular the last few summers. We hit the jackpot with three pairs of shorts for them. We found another pair early last week. More often than not, they share their clothes when it comes to t-shirts, shorts, or dress shirts. We were really excited because they were regular priced at around 50.00 a pair from the manufacturer but TJMaxx had them for under ten dollars! WOO HOO! They are all from a great popular men's designer and look awesome! We have purchased their spring/summer looks for under 60.00 for two young adult teens.

This weekend I am also headed to a couple of Estate sales/garage sales. It is finally the season again and I am on the hunt for wicker sofas for our back patio.

I have checked out I Heart CVS and found out about sales for the next few weeks, so I am saving my ECBs to use on several great items coming up in April.

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