Thursday, March 6, 2008

Frugal Fridays 3-7-08

I have so many exciting things to post today and tomorrow! I have had a great week of savings for our family of six. Tomorrow I am going to share my great finds at CVS! It was my best yet!

Yesterday my husband came across a deal at our local Wal Mart Supercenter. I rarely shop at Wal Mart anymore since I really started watching our budget and discovered Walgreens and CVS for great savings. However, last night my sweet husband rounded up some great deals. The most exciting was finding the rotisserie chickens were marked down to 2.50 after being nearly 5.00! He called me to see what I wanted him to do. I got so excited. I told him to buy as many as he wanted. I am pulling all the meat off of the bones and putting it in freezer ziploc bags for future cooking uses! I am then going to boil the bones and make some great chicken stock. He came home with 6 chickens last evening!

I was at dinner with a one of my most precious friends. I had been sharing with her about CVS and the things that I have learned lately. About the time I was really getting into our discussion Mike called to tell me what he had found! She began to laugh because here I was sitting in Panera Bread all excited that my husband found chickens on sale for 2.50! When I got off the phone she said she has never seen me more excited about saving money! I admit, it has become almost an obession with me to see how much I can save. I know our bank account has never looked better! I am giving the Lord a mighty handclap of praise for waking me up and showing me the Light. I always thought I was good at saving money but I truly had no idea that it could be this good!!

My family has really jumped on the bandwagon with me in this quest to be more deliberate in our spending. I have seen it really make a difference in a couple of our teens who like to spend the green stuff.

My husband and sons went to the Wild Game Dinner at church tonight sponsored by our Men's Ministry. Our daughter had found out today that she got a singing part in her middle school performance of Annie later this spring. I took her to dinner to celebrate. We went to our favorite Chinese eatery and she suggested we share a meal. We had PLENTY of food and saved about 9.00 bucks in the process.

Frugality is not about denying pleasure or joy from our lives. It is a way of living that is more economical. I like to think of it as living life on purpose. Being purposeful/intentional with our budget. Becoming more economical with our resources that have been given to us and finding ways to stretch that dollar a little further.

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Mom2fur said...

Wow, amazing deal on the chickens! Your husband sure was in the right place at the right time!
I agree with you totally that being frugal doesn't mean denying yourself joy and pleasure. To me, it means saving money where you can so you can splurge and enjoy in other areas. Chinese is probably the cheapest way to go for dinner, especially if you share. You know you're always going to get enough to eat!
Congratulations to your daughter on her role in "Annie"! Being in a play will be a wonderful experience she'll remember forever.

Angie Hopkins said...


You are so right, sister! I would have been so excited too about the chicken find. Do you realize how many meals that will be for so little money?! How wonderful! I understand your new found obsession. It is addicting and we can praise the Lord for it at the same time! You can't say that about many addictions. Thanks for the inspiring words of wisdom on my blog tonight. It is great to hear your story and know that I will be there one day.

In Him,

Thrifty Florida Mama

Mom2fur said...

Hi, again! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a great weekend, and find some more awesome deals!