Friday, March 28, 2008

Frugal Fridays 3-28-08

Gas prices are at an all time high. Going to the grocery store is an exercise is frustration for those of us that do not have nationwide chains that offer super savings. This week reports came out that it is very likely that we will not see low food prices for another ten years! There has never been a time to become more aware of ones finances or to practice the art of frugality. I have said numerous times that it is an NOT an act of denying oneself pleasure or enjoyment. Many think that those that choose to be frugal live a life of despair or that they 'have' to live a lesser life than their peers. Frugality is freedom! Freedom to tell my money what to do. Freedom to experience greater satisfaction and joy knowing I am living below my means.

This leads me to a great find last evening at our local SuperTarget. My husband and two younger sons had to run an errand last evening. Imagine their excitement when they discovered Levi and Wranger jeans on clearance for 4.98 a pair!! My teenage boys are growing by leaps and bounds. One is nearly 6'2" and the other is approaching 6'. My husband snagged all they had in their size. He came home with four pairs of jeans that cost him 17.00 total! Needless to say the boys were pleased with themselves for finding such a bargain.

I took a lot of flak from my children when I started really watching our spending habits. However, it is times like last evening that show me while they may complain at times, they are paying attention. The simple fact that they were so pumped about finding jeans at such an affordable price shows me that they are watching and learning even if they give me a hard time about being 'frugal'.

It is hard clothing teens today. There is so much pressure to fit in. There are ways for our teens to fit in and look stylish without compromising our standards on modesty or putting pressure on our finances.

Here are a few ways we save:
Consignment Stores/Thrift Stores
Hit the season ending sales
Shopping the sales online at Old Navy, Macy's, or American Eagle. Many times you can purchase items for a song by signing up on their websites and getting email alerts. I have purchased items from Old Navy for under five dollars before.

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The Happy Housewife said...

Great find, I love shopping at the thrift store. It feels good to leave with a garbage bag full of clothes for under $20.

robin said...

I was so fortunate to get lots of hand me downs for Reia from her cousin who is one year older. But now that we have moved, we don't get them as much. So, I really have to decide what is important to buy. I see more often than not, even with all of the clothes they have, they only wear a handful of things over and over. (At least at this age.)

I really think the price of gas is going to affect the price of food and clothes greatly over the next year. It's good you guys are being proactive and gettting prepared!!