Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Big Weekend

This weekend is huge for the youth of our church, which my three youngest children are a part of the group. Our church has always had a 'Disciple Now' weekend where the youth are put up in church members homes and spend the weekend in worship experiences, small group Bible study, and of course fun times getting to know one another. A few years ago this grew into a much larger event called "Big Weekend". Several churches from the area now particpate in this awesome event. Tonight my teens found out where they will be staying and with whom. Friday evening it all starts!

They anticipate between 700-1000 students at the events. Charlie Hall is leading the music again this year. His drummer, Dustin, grew up in our church. It is so cool to see him a grown young man living out his dream in a Christian band. Travis Crim is speaking. My teenagers have been ready for Big Weekend since it ended last year!

If the Lord so leads you, please pray that this weekend the lost will find Him and the hurting will find peace and comfort in Christ. Pray protection over the sponsors, youth, speakers, and musicians. This is an awesome opportunity for kids to really go deep and live out their faith.

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C Swirl said...

my youth group used to do Disciple Now weekends. We loved them! I had forgot all about that until reading your post. I was saddened by the church fire too. I have visited your new facility several times, and it is gorgeous. It is hard for any church to burn, because of the memories and love that the building represents.