Saturday, February 9, 2008

Super Saving Saturday 2-9-08

Today over at, Crystal is asking how many stores we shop at each week.
I go to our local grocer at least once a week, to Sam's at least twice a month, and I have now started going to Homeland for the deals, and of course my all time favorite now CVS!

The picture above is not complete. Missing in action are the cookies, MMs, a couple of kingsize Snickers, and my daughter's makeup, which is with her this weekend at her church function.

Since this week has been so chaotic for our family with events and sick children (as well as parents) I am going to share what I purchased, how much OOP, and how many ECBs I still have to use. I am wanting to make haste while I have three of my four teenagers gone until tomorrow after church. I have a huge 'to do list' and I want to get busy. Here goes:

The purchased above are from last Saturday (3 CVS stores - 2 cards - mine and my husbands), Sunday morning (CVS), Monday evening (CVS), and last night at Walgreens.

Saturday 1st CVS - Total value of product - 30.75 - 19.00 in coupons and ECBs = 4.13 out of pocket and I earned 10.00 ECBs this transaction. I had purchased the Phenom razor, Arm and Hammer toothpaste (which I now realize is not in the picture), and a Crest Pro Health 2 bottle special that was dated to be sold from 2-1 - 2-8 with 2 ECBs back and I only saw this at one CVS. They had to put the ECBs on a gift card because it did not ring up. I also bought some Loreal eyeshadow .75% off for .99 cents!

Saturday 2nd CVS - Total value of product -20.36 - 12.29 in ECBs-4.89 OOP and I earned 8.00 in ECBs.

Saturday 3rd CVS - Total value of product - 52.67 - 22.00 in ECBs - 8.00 in coupons = 22.68 OOP....I know a lot of out of pocket but I made a miscalculation...hey I am still new to this! I earned 16.00 in ECBs so in reality I was out 6.68.

Saturday 4th CVS - Total value of product - 42.18 - 9.00 ECBs - 12.18 in coupons and deals = 21.70 OOP, another big out of pocket but I earned 13.29 in ECBs.

Sunday CVS - I ran in and bought 2 Maybelline eyeshadow trios, the Exedrin deal, and since I can't find my receipt at the moment I can't remember but I DO remember it was over 30.00 in value and I paid with all ECBs except for 1.15 in OOP. I also earned around 30.00 in ECBs

Monday CVS - I did the Colgate deal, bought the manual Phenom razor, and a few fillers of items I needed. Total value of items purchased 33.21 - ECBs and coupons 26.98 = 1.05 OOP

Last night at Walgreens - I ordered the Valentine Family Portrait package for both my husband's account and my account at Walgreens. Each packet was worth 4.99. We each received them free. I have photos of my husband in his uniform for me and the kids plus his Dad and my parents. I also have photos for my 16 year old to give to his friend.

Total value of items this week:
Out of Pocket this week:
UPDATED: 55.60, I made an error on my calculator and posted the wrong amount that I spent OOP. After reading the post again this morning I realized my mistake, to the tune of 20.00. oops!
ECBs earned
My goal for this next week is to not have so much OOP. I do understand though to get started I needed to spend some out of pocket. I have had great success and then some miscalculations. It is frustrating that I can't find the deals that I have 'ready' when I go to the store. I then have to re-figure and sometimes I just don't have the time to stand there in the corner of the store and recalculate. I truly wish I could find the Sambucol!!! I don't care about the ECBs so much as I care about the price and the product. We use this product. We have bought it in the past from the health food store for 17.99! We are almost out of ours and I have not been able to find this at the five or six CVS stores I have repeatedly checked. I am praying to find Sambucol this week!!!
Head on over to and see how people saved money this week!


carole said...

Don't give up on the Sambucol- it took me all of Jan. but i finally got about 8 bottles together, so I'm ready to spend all of Feb. doing the same 9and we have 5 stores to pick from !!) Good luck!!

Wendy said...

I can't find the Sambucol either. I wonder if it's a regional thing. My ten-year-old son is on day 3 of the flu, and I really wish I'd had it on hand!

Loved seeing your deals! Thanks for sharing!