Thursday, February 7, 2008

Frugal Friday 2-8-08

My Current Top Five Frugal Things I do to Save My Family Money
  1. Started clipping coupons in December and began using them in January when I had a pretty good stash saved up.
  2. Started CVS-ing and use the Easy Care Card to earn Easy Care Bucks. I have been able to get items for my family for free or nearly free since January.
  3. Keeping our thermostat at home set in the winter at 66 degrees and in the summer we keep it around 75 during the day; turning it down when we arrive home. Turning our heat down has had huge savings in our utility bill. Everyone has sweats and we all like to cuddle up with quilts or afghans when we watch t.v. together so it works out great. We find we sleep better when it is colder in the house.
  4. Started replacing some of our lightbulbs with CFL bulbs. I do not like their light to read by but they work wonders in our outside lights and I have used them in some random lamps in our home.
  5. I read my favorite magazines at Barnes and Noble on date night instead of buying them at the checkout stand when I am shopping. If I find something that would be beneficial to our family I really think about it before I buy the magazine.

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Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Great tips! I've really started thinking about the magazines I spend money on, too. Your local library is a good source for these, as well. Ours has a used bookstore where you can get very current magazines for a quarter!

stephanieshearer said...

Great tips on the magazines!! I have a hard time passing them up, but am trying to do better. Thanks for the encouragement with CVS, I did go to another one and found what I needed!!

Vanessa said...

I've started CVSing, too. It's pretty amazing. :)

When I lived in a bigger city, our library had lots of great magazines and they would let you check them out.