Friday, February 1, 2008

Frugal Friday 2-1-08

Frugal Valentine favors for children

Each year I would haunt the sales aisles looking for favors and items for the next year. One thing I have found is if you are prepared and are patient you can find all sorts of wonderful things that you can save in your gift closet for the next year. Valentine’s Day is one of those perfect times to load up on the sales.

This is a great time to buy items for Valentine’s Day next year. Most items are now on sale more than half with some stores offering items at 80% discounts. I would always purchase my napkins, cute plastic tumblers, decorating items, cards, pencils, stickers, etc for use in Valentine’s Day parties.

When you have small children it really does not matter if these items were ‘last years’ model. Now is the time for all frugal Moms’ that have young children, to go out and conquer the sales so that you have the items you need. I did this for each holiday season and always had on hand the cutest items. It was so exciting to pull these out each year and see what I had purchased the year before.

I might also suggest hitting Hobby Lobby to purchase scrapbook paper when it is on sale to stock up on all the cute Valentine prints that they have and stickers too. It is so fun to make homemade cards with your children.

I miss those days since my children are now teenagers.

It takes a little planning to purchase ahead but once you do and you realize the savings that it provides you will wonder why you did not do this before!

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