Tuesday, January 29, 2008

WFMW - 1-30-08

As a mom of four children, I am all about time-savers! I have always loved Valentine's Day, even as a child. I loved decorating the shoe box for school so that my friends could put their cards to me in the recesses of this cute box. I have loved picking out cheesy cards for my children to give on this day each year. Sadly, we no longer have to buy cards for kids in the classroom since my children are now teenagers.

I have one great time saver that I used all through my children's lives. I would watch for Wal Mart to start putting out the Valentine aisle, which was usually right after Christmas. I would then take my children and have them pick out the cards that they wished to give their classroom friends. We would then take them home and immediately do the cards. I kept a class roster in my family household notebook so it always made it handy. Most years we had them all signed and the envelopes decorated by the middle of January. I would then put the cards in a large ziploc bag and kept them in a safe place until the day of the party or when they were required to bring them to school. I would notate on the bag which child the cards belonged to so that I would not be expected to remember in a month!

This worked out beautifully! No more late night tears trying to write out all the names, no more rushing around trying to find the right cards along with every other parent in town, plus we could have the pick of the lot and usually the cutest cards because we were first in buying them. And most of all, it made my children have a sense of pride for accomplishing something that in the past was frustrating to them, especially the boys.

That is what always Worked for Me when my children were young. Buy early, do them immediately, and sit back and enjoy getting ready for all the great Valentine parties at school!

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Veggiemomof2 said...

I have found Walgreens is making Valentines day a blast! Lots of cute little things for practically nothing!