Thursday, January 24, 2008

Enjoying the Journey

You know that feeling you have your children are young and you long for that next stage so you can 'know' what it feels like to have a baby that can sit up, or a toddler that can walk, or they are out of diapers...that sort of longing for the next step in life?

I think that is a common thing for Mom's to always think of the next stage. I remember when my oldest graduated from high school in 2006, I was ready for the next stage but yet a little nervous about the future. I also think back to when he got his driver's license...that was huge and very scary. The critical thing is I survived and the Lord graciously brought me through these trials.

I am now getting ready to have a second teenager driving in the house with one more following January 2009 and the final driver in the household in 2010. The years are flying by and I feel like I have no idea where they have gone?

Today, I was thinking about how much they have all grown and that it is entirely possible that in the next decade I may become a grandmother! What?! Oh my goodness!

Tonight, as we were having dinner, I was listening to our fifteen year old relive his basketball game tonight. He is our very animated child. He had to get up from the table to add actions to his words. It was hysterical! We were all laughing and at that moment I realized how blessed I have been to have these four incredible children in my life. One to whom I gave birth and three I was blessed with seven years ago when the Lord brought me my incredible husband.

It seems I have arrived at that stage that we all think about when we have young children and dream about when we have precocious pre-teens...that time is upon me and I realized tonight that I have really enjoyed the journey. Has it all been a piece of cake...nada...but I would not trade a minute of it!

So in about a year or so we are going to be the house on the block that has more cars than anyone else and our insurance bill will probably be able to feed a family of four each month easy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything, well except maybe free car insurance! :)

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