Sunday, January 20, 2008

MPM - 1-21-08

This week on Menu Plan Monday, I am going to add what I fix for my teenagers and then try to give a little insight into what my husband and I eat each week. It is not the same menu....we changed our eating habits last March and since then I have cooked for my kids and made our meals too.

This week the teens will be having:

Monday - Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo bake with whole wheat rigatoni

Tuesday - Tostadas with salad

Wednesday - eat at church

Thursday - Chicken in the crock pot and mashed potatoes, green beans

Friday - Homemade Pizza

Saturday - We may not be home for dinner due to family activities today

Sunday - Potato Soup and cornbread

My husband and I will eat:

Monday - black bean/chili tomatoes/corn salsa with spinach salad, triple berry fruit smoothie

Tuesday - large spinach salad with spring greens, grilled Tilapia, couscous with artichoke hearts

Wednesday - eat at church, salad bar

Thursday - large salad, fresh broccoli, carrots, hummus, and sauteed onions, mushrooms, and red peppers, triple berry fruit smoothie

Friday - whole wheat pita bread pizzas with mushrooms, onions, tomato, spinach broiled in the oven

Saturday - bean soup made in our Vitamix, whole grain Ezekiel bread

Sunday - large salad with chicken, balsamic dressing, peppers, onions, mushrooms sauteed, brocooli and hummus

We are following Dr. Joel Furhman's Eat to Live plan. It has been such a huge help to both of us. We were gone this weekend and ate things we have not eaten in almost a year. Tonight we are both MISERABLE! We got off of red meat, dairy (we went to soy), and most meat. We eat a lot of fresh veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, beans, nut butters, some fish, whole grains, oatmeal, etc. I have been trying to make up a lot of recipes as I go along and will try to pull them out and begin to post them here. It is a huge change of mindset. It has changed my blood levels and cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar levels, etc. Coupled with exercise it has radically changed our lives.

I have been in a rut and have been seeking new recipes so if you have great vegan or vegeterian recipes leave me a comment. We are on the hunt for them!

If you need more ideas for menu planning see Laura at


Cyndi said...

Wow, both menus sound great. I commend you on making the changes in your diet for you and your husband. You sound like a great mom! Have a great week!

Niki said...

Thank you for the welcome to MPM. I love the name of your blog. Pursuing simplicity is something I want to learn for my family. I'll be back on your blog to look more at frugal fridays.

Crosby Chica said...

I don't always do vegan or vegetarian in my cooking for my husband and I, but a good resource for using less meat and more whole grains, beans, lentils etc. is the More with Less cookbook. Using recipes from More with Less, we've incorporated bean/lentil/whole grain based recipes several nights a week into our diet. We had a recipe called Cheesy Lentils last night and it was very good:)

Thanks for visitng my blog!

Rona's Home Page said...

Kudos to you and your family regarding pursuing a healthy diet. Whole foods are the way to go.