Friday, January 11, 2008

Five ways we saved a 100.00 last year

Five ways we saved a 100.00 last year:
1. Turned our thermostat down in the winter to 66 degrees and turned it up in the summer to 76. This year we have saved over 200.00 each month on our electric bill during the recent cold weather.
2. My husband and I began to share a meal when we went on our date night. Mimi's Cafe is our favorite place to share a meal. We at first each had a petite portion salad but one day we decided to share a large and have it split. We did and the savings were great and it was plenty for us to eat! They also bring a wonderful muffin with your meal and we always split the honey oat muffin. We also usually will each order a small cup of corn chowder for one dollar. Our total for our meal on date night is usually with tip around 14.00 for two people.
3. I began to shop in earnest at thrift stores plus each week I would stop by TJMaxx and Ross Dress for Less to look through their clearance items. We saved a ton of money on clothes for our teenagers. Nike shirts or shorts for under five bucks! Yea, great prices and the brands our kids love.
4. We do not go to the mall. Our teens go to the local movie theater in town where it is cheaper than the local mall, plus we would not allow them to go to the mall anyway, unless they are with us. We found that staying away from the mall keeps you away from tempation.
5. Our children take their lunch to school. My husband and I both take our lunch most days as well.
If you would like to see more money saving ideas visit Biblical Womanhood for Frugal Fridays!


Tiffany said...

I like your ideas about turning down the thermostat and sharing meals. We try to do the same things. Keeping lights off when you are not in a room will help, also!

Mom2fur said...

I'm all for staying away from the mall. I can't stand the noise and the crowds, and anything I want I can buy at big box stores, or other places, at much better price and convenience.
I couldn't share a meal. My husband works out and eats a lot more than I do. What I do, though, is bring half my meal home. Either my son will eat it when he comes home from work, or I'll have it for lunch.

Tiffany said...

We don't have a CVS around us. I have not tried the Walgreens, though. I don't know where to get the coupons that everyone talks about. Do you?