Saturday, January 5, 2008

Super Saving Saturday - Hobby Lobby Bargains

Update: Just got back from SuperTarget where all Christmas items were 90% off. Not much left, however, we did pick up Christmas gift tags at .09 cents per package of 100! We also picked up two 2008 calendars for two of our boys that love Dale Earnhart, Jr. for .99 cents down from 9.99! Bags of bows - silver and white ones and a bag of gold bows for .18 cents a bag of I think 25 bows in a bag. We also picked up the last of the gingerbread cookies and a shortbread cookie and they were all under .45 cents a box. We hardly ever buy sugary snacks so this was a real treat for the kids. All in all it was a great last minute stop on our date night.

Robin and Shannon both call my favorite store the same thing: the Mother Ship. I think anyone that loves to decorate, craft, or scrapbook knows exactly the store I am talking about: Hobby Lobby!

Today was my fifth or sixth time to hit H.L. during the last two weeks! I have bought things at half off, 66% off and today 80%! Granted the groovy red glass bowls that I was really wanting I missed out on. Even at 66% off they were not frugal enough for me to part with my cash. Besides, right now I'm not sure where I would put them. Honestly they were more of a want than a need so it is a moot point.

I did pick up the most awesome ornaments, more curly bows, a few more gift bags, several awesome larger Christmas items. To give you an idea of what I found ornament wise...I bought three silver and glass tea pot ornaments for ornament exchange gifts next year. Each were regularly 4.99. I bought all three for 2.99! Two dollars and ninety-nine cents people! Less than what one cost regularly! The average original cost of the other ornaments, which were the old fashion, mercury glass type ornaments, was around 5.99 - 7.99 apiece. I got them for 80% off!!!

The six packages of curly bows that I bought were 2.99 a pack. They have I think four or six bows on each pack. They are darling bows that I can use for birthday gifts since they are not Christmas colors. So let's assume there were four bows on each package that would make 24 bows total. The original price was 17.94 for six packages; 8.97 at 50%; 6.10 at 66%; and at 80% 3.59. So since I love numbers, to break it down further: I bought a total of 24 of the cutest curly bows in hot pink, lime green, silver and white, blue, pink, and I can't remember the other color and they equal out to .14 cents a bow!

The smaller gift bags cost me around .20 cents! Better than Dollar Store prices!

The Edmond Hobby Lobby is getting sparse on the East side of Edmond but there are still a couple of aisles of great items. I would check out your local Hobby Lobby.

So in closing I bought: 15 ornaments, six packages of speciality bows, ten gift bags, a wooden 3 foot tree, a large Christmas lodge look Moose and Bear with the same red and black buffalo print that my tree skirt and stockings are made from. Also four photo boxes for my new craft room, Christmas scrapbook stickers, two silk candle rings, and a stamp set with embellishments and cardstock for my daughter to make her cards next year all for around 38.00! The only things not 80% off were the photo boxes and they were 50%.

After coming home and looking at the original prices of just two of the larger items they totaled more than all the items together that I purchased today.

The lesson is hit those after Christmas sales. I have not had to pay regular price for wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, gift bags, etc., for over seven years! It is of great benefit to my family. So tonight my gift wrap area is now re-stocked, the gift drawer is full too and I am ready when one of my children have a party to attend.


Lady Why said...

I simply LOVE Hobby Lobby and I've been meaning to get over there and check out their clearance Christmas stuff. Thanks for the reminder!

EdibleEducation said...

I wish there was a Hobby Lobby closer to me. Mine is about 35 min away and I won't be in that area for another week. I fear most everything good would be gone by then.

I did find some good stuff at Target though for 75% off, and still have some giftwrap left from the after-Christmas sale LAST year - so I think I made out ok.

Vanessa said...

I love hearing about all your bargains. That's the way I like to shop. I have been sick since we got home from our travels, so I haven't been able to do any bargain shopping. Hobby Lobby is just three minutes from my house and I haven't been there!

Vickie said...

Lady Why...I would certainly try to see what your Hobby Lobby has left. I could not get down the aisles very well yesterday because of the amount of people shopping.

E.E. at least you have made it to Target. The SuperTarget in my town is less than a mile or so away and I have NOT made it there yet. 75% is great too!! I got a lot of bargains at Target last year.

I am so sorry you are sick. That was me last year as well as this year during all the Black Friday sales at Thanksgiving. One great thing about Hobby Lobby, they always have great sales. Take care!!

C & D said...

I LOOOVE Black Friday and day-after-Christmas sales. I have hit all the stores near me, but the HL near me didn't have much left at 66% off. Not the stuff I wanted anyway. I shop the one in East Edmond often too. I should have gone there. I love those curly bows.

Sarah said...

Honestly, I got most of my cleaning/health/beauty stockpile over this past summer. Every 6 months to a year, Walgreens runs a great procter and gamble special.
So, keep your eyes peeled!

I see that your in edmond? do you have a CVS? Supposedly CVS has great deals all the time......

This is a great time to get into couponing! Let me know if you ever have specific questions, etc. and I'll gladly help if I can!

Vickie said...

Thanks Sarah. Yes I am in Edmond and we have numerous CVS stores. There are two Walgreens within a mile either way from my neighborhood and a CVS less than a mile.

I was so excited with all the coupons in the paper today. I need to print off Crystal's help on CVS and Walgreens and try and make it work for me.
Thanks for your comment!