Sunday, January 6, 2008

MPM 1-7-08

This week I will back at work after a two week absence. The kids are all back in school but our oldest, who will be back in session next week. We have a lot going on the next seven days and my husband is working some very crazy hours. I think he will more than likely have worked 85 hours by this time next week!

My menu is very simple this week:

Monday - Brown rice with black bean/corn/chili tomatos and onions, and Avocado seasoned with Cumin, Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipolte Seasoning, and a splash of Lime Juice. Salad and fruit for dessert.

Tuesday - Quick meal of Tostadas with Fat Free Refried Beans, Cheese, and Salsa, a big green Salad. Daughter's musical program at school tonight so meal needs to be quick and easy. I take tortillas and slather them in fat free refried beans, add a little cooked ground turkey on top, cheese, enchilada sauce, and broil them in the oven until bubbly and brown. Add a quick salad and one of my children's favorite quick meals is served. My boys have several of these and they like to fold them in half and eat them much like a quesadilla. Our daughter puts jalapenos on hers and then adds more hot sauce. She loves things spicy!

Wednesday - eat at church

Thursday - Soup night - Taco soup with homemade green chili cornbread. Take Jiffy Corn Bread and mix as directed. Add a can of chopped green chilis, a handful of cheese, and some of the great Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipolte seasoning mixture and bake as directed.

Friday - Homemade pizza night. Veggie for me and sis and usually candadian bacon or turkey for the kids.

Saturday - Taco Salad with ground turkey instead of beef.

Sunday - Chicken Penne Pasta with Broccoli and fat free Alfredo Sauce, always a salad

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Angie said...

Sounds tasty! Your list reminds me that we'll have to make homemade pizza again soon!

sheryl said...

Everything looks yummy! We love tostadas and your brown rice looks especially delicious!
Have a great week :)

Bonnie said...

Looks Yummy ! Very Yummy !! I think I'll try your Tuesday meal for lunch one day next week ! Looks quick, easy and tasty ! That's my kind of meal !!

forgetfulone said...

Chicken penne pasta sounds yummy! We eat at church on Wednesdays, too.

Jenny-up the hill said...

Tostados sound fantastic...we love mexican!

UKZoe said...

sounds like my 13 year old would be right at home in your house. He adores spicy food.

Nicole said...

Your menu sounds great! The tostadas are making me really hungry :)

Cindy Beall said...

I might just try some of these! Or come over for dinner? :)

Zen Master said...

I make green chili corn bread too!
I was trying to figure out a way to incorporate it into my menu this week but it didn't make it.

Great menu!

Becky said...

This does sound like a great menu. I am a big Mexican fan, too.

The Fischer Family said...

Your green chili cornbread sounds soooo good! I will have to try it sometime!

Vickie said...

I could not find your blog to post a comment back to you! Thanks so much for stopping by today. I would love to see your cornbread recipe!
Have a blessed day!

Rona's Home Page said...

I enjoy making pizza from scratch. The Fresh & Easy store sells whole wheat pizza dowgh for only 99 cents.
You have a terrific week.

C Swirl said...

That cornbread sounds delicious! I will try that this weekend!!