Friday, January 11, 2008

Super Saving Saturday - 1-12-08

I have made my first CVS run and went to Walgreens too. You ladies rock that can do this so efficiently and save so much more than I did today. But I am getting there!
The total value of all items is: 122.58
Out of my pocket tonight: 31.34
ECBs earned 7.00
ECBs spent tonight (beginner) 2.00
Expecting rebate of: 19.99
earned register rewards 3.50
I am not sure how you ladies work the final tally. I am choosing to take my total spent: 31.34 - 19.99 rebate - 7.00 ECBs - 3.50 RR = .85 cents will be my final out of pocket once all is completed OR 31.34 spent tonight - 19.99 rebate = 11.35 with 10.50 in earnings to use later. However, you choose to look at it....this rocks! I have had alot of stress trying to figure this out but now that I have gotten over the first hurdle of actually going through the process, I know I made it too hard on myself!

I have two One Touch Ultra blood sugar monitors, two Arm and Hammer detergent (my children love this and how it smells - a consumer reports pick for laundry detergent); 4 Reeses Whips; 2 Pro Vive Shampoos; 2 Garnier Fructis Shampoos; One Garnier Curly Spray; 4 Orbit gum packs; 2 Mentos gum packs; 4 boxes of General Mills cereals, and one Colgate toothpaste.

I will be heading out later on today for my weekly shopping and hope to post pictures upon my return. However, I am very excited about the One Touch Ultra monitor that I was able to purchase for 'free' today! I am sending off the rebate later today. I am curious to see what takes place and if the company actually sends the rebate.

I went to a different Hobby Lobby this week and found three more ornaments to match the previous ones purchased last week at 80 percent off. I also found a star for the top of our tree that matches our stocking, tree skirt, ribbon, etc. Our Colorado lodge look is now complete.

I purchased three items for Valentines Day gifts for my teenagers friends. They had picked them out last week but I told my children I was sure they would start pricing the items 50 percent off soon. Sure enough, the Sunday paper confirmed my theory and I went and snagged the cute items for 50% off.

I also have been waiting for the decorative wood sayings to be on sale. I wanted one that said CREATE for my craft room. I never pay full price at Hobby Lobby because they have a regular sale schedule and you can pretty much get whatever you are needing/wanting on sale if you are patient. They had the decorative words on sale for 50% off. Total worth of items purchased: 49.00 My cost: 16.00.

Check back later today for more bargain updates! Check out Crystal's site for more Super Saving Saturday.


Earthmommy said...

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog. You got some great deals! Check out your local Michael's if you have one too, they have TONS of stuff on sale for nest to nothing right now. I got 3 baking sheets for $3.99, a cookie exhange kit (12 plates, bags, tags and recipe cards) for $2 and a $19 lamp for $4.20. Some stores will let you use their 40% off coupon on clearance items too, that's what I did on the lamp!

Vanessa said...

Good luck with your bargain shopping! I did great yesterday at Target. They had tons of girl's clothes for 75% off. I spent $60 and came out with a bunch of things. Just one coat I bought for my neice was orginally $45! I was with a friend I had never been shopping with before. She was amazed!

Leigh said...

Hi Vickie,

I am just now getting back to normal and have had a chance to visit your blog. Thanks so much for your comments and kind words during our recent trip to Vietnam to adopt our daughter!

I'm the least frugal person you'll ever meet...I could certainly learn a thing or two from your posts!

Take Care!

Michele said...

Hi Vickie!
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I think you got some awesome deals!
I have only been doing CVS and Walgreens for about three months and it took me awhile to get the hang of it. YOU CAN DO IT!

C Swirl said...

I am a CVS junkie -- but the first part is admitting it right? I love it. I am going to have to hit the HL's around me, to see what they have left. Where can I find your recipe for crock pot enchiladas? Sounds yummy.

Vickie said...

I will try and post that recipe a little later on this evening. I think I have it memorized but would hate for it to turn out horrible because I left an ingredient out!
Have a great day!