Saturday, January 26, 2008

Super Savings Saturday - 1-26-08

This week has been so busy for me that I was not able to get my act together to head out to CVS and Walgreens early. I have determined that the early bird does indeed get the worm and I hope to have my plan together after Crystal posts her CVS and Walgreens online tonight.

All was not lost and since this is only my second time to do this CVS shopping I felt like I did okay but not as good as I would have if 1) I was not last minute in getting it done; and 2) I was not running a fever and feel like a Mack truck was rumbling in my head. This is what I did at both places and one product I received in the mail for free this week minus a few products:

Okay now for the list:
Last night at Walgreens I purchased two boxes of Hershey Sticks (not shown...eaten by three teenage boys). Each box was marked 1.99 and I had 2 $1.00 off coupons, which made the final for each box .99 cents. I purchased a Garnier Fructis curling gel, which is not shown, 3.99 original price plus I had a 1.00 manufacturer coupon plus a 1.50 coupon from the Easy Saver catalog at Walgreens, which made the gel 1.49. One Rimmel mascara for 2.99. Purchased Jane Mineral Make up BOGO free with the original price being 6.99. I did not see alot of markdown Jane products at our Walgreens. I puchased a markdown lipstick by Jane for 2.59. We also purchased two Snicker eggs for a 1.00.

I have discovered at my Walgreens they are not careful about coupons. I was shorted a 1.50 but they would not correct since the manager quickly gathered up my coupons and put them away. I was very frustrated but thought next time I would go to another store. All in all the total value of products were:
28.53 before tax
10.00 in coupons, 6.99 free item
Total before tax 11.54; Total out of pocket this trip 13.21

I was disappointed with how much out of pocket I had spent but they were items we needed and the price of the gel was better than Walmart so I felt good after I reviewed my receipt.

CVS - this morinng. I was miserable (getting sick) and looked it. My daughter went with me and this is what we were able to find in stock....most things I wanted like the deoderant, Sambucol, and a few other things were sold out.
3 large Hershey Bars in Dark Chocolate
8 Soy Joys - all they had left
4 M and Ms - all they had left Dark Chocolate which is what I wanted in the first place.
1 Cotton Balls, 1 Cotton Pads
34.13 value - free M&Ms 6.98= 27.15, should have added more to up it to 30.00 but was not feeling well at all and ready to get home.
I used:
my 7.00 ECBs - first to ever use
My OOP ended up being 9.21 w/tax
I Earned 16.00 ECBs

I was excited that I earned 16.00 ECBs and look forward to doing better next time. I never buy candy and I am going to have to dole this out or my boys will eat this all today! They burn so many calories working out but we really limit sugar intake in our home. It was exciting to purchase this for them and two bags are for their Valentine's.

I welcome any comments on how I can work this better. I still feel that I am not doing it quite right and really relish reading each of your posts to get a better handle on how to work this to our family's advantage.

Oh and one item in the picture is a free Contact solution we received free in the mail after I sent off a request for it weeks ago when my husband received his new contacts. Woo Hoo, I love free!

My daughter and I also used two coupons at Chick Fil A today and received two free chicken sandwiches with the purchase of medium fries/medium drinks. Savings: 5.18

Total OOP this weekend: 27.51 Total value of items: 67.84

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