Friday, January 18, 2008

Frugal Fridays - 1-18-08

Being frugal to me also means that when one needs something or even desires something you find another way to have it for the least amount of money spent. If it is free, that is even better. So began the room I call my free room at my home.

Moving into our home three years ago was filled with great emotion. I have mentioned before on my blog that this was the home I grew up in. It was very exciting to have the chance to buy the home from the woman who bought it from my parents thirteen years prior. While we were very excited to have the home, I knew that buying new furniture was out and that meant a couple of rooms would be empty. I began to pray.

I went ahead and planned how I wanted the rooms to look and had them painted. I love french country style and I am a bit eclectic. The front of the house has the typical 70s style of a formal living/formal dining combination. I wanted red walls and a yellow ceiling. My reproduction oak table that was over 20 years old looked great as did my 100 year old buffet I had purchased in the early 80s. I prayed for more furniture.

About this time, my youngest sister advised me that she was going to re-decorate and would I like her french country couch? Oh my goodness of course I would! This is the beginning of my frugal streak taking hold. I never dreamed how well it would match my scheme. Soon my parents gave me two french chairs to add to the mix. They were perfect! One day our neighbors were having a garage sale and I saw the cutest yellow furniture. I quickly recognized it as 1970s Ethan Allen furniture. I asked how much for all the pieces and about fell over. I knew the hutch/bookcase alone sells on eBay for around 1500.00 and they were 0nly asking 150.00 for four pieces of furniture in excellent shape. The coffee table came from a thrift store that had half price day and I snagged the oak table for 12.50! I soon pulled out all my blue and white plates that I had been collecting for years, never paying more than 4.00 for a single plate, and my dream room took shape.

I am so glad that I did not feel pressure to run out an charge up a card in order to furnish this room. It is my favorite room in our home. It is SO me. It is not formal but homey and comfortable. My sweet sister later gave me the balloon shades as well and the room was complete.

In your quest to be frugal, never overlook the possibility that you may have friends or family that will want to re-decorate or give away furniture. Never give up looking at garage sales or thrift stores for great finds.

That is my Frugal Friday tip. For more Frugal Friday ideas go to Biblical Womanhood.

Here is my frugal/free room:


mommato4 said...

Ohhhh, I love this room!! Your colors are beautiful!! This was a great post!! I enjoyed your whole blog!!!
Have a wonderful day!!

Vanessa said...

Your room looks great! Patience can really pay off. :)

Robin said...

I think it turned out just precious! Love it!

My way of staying "frugal" is first of all, to not have a bunch of money to spend. =) Secondly, I buy almost every decorative pc in our house from Hob Lob or Kirklands and only if it is on sale or I have a coupon. If the item is not on sale...I just have to wait.

Tonight I am going to Hob Lob to look (again) at a picture that is 66% off. If it is still there (I'm praying) I'll go ahead and get it. If not, I'll just have to have an empty mantle for a while longer!!

Vickie said...

Oh Robin, you are speaking my language....Hobby Lobby and Kirklands!!! Kirklands is having a big sale right now according to their email they sent to me yesterday.

I hope your picture is still there!

Thanks so much for the compliment. I love this room! It is a little bright and fluffy for some but it suits me to a "T"!

suzof7 said...

What a great story - your room turned out beautiful!

Celly B said...

Gorgeous! I love the primary colors in the French Country palette. I collect blue and white plates, too, and they look great displayed on your wall!