Thursday, January 3, 2008

Found Space

I am taking the plunge. I am turning a room into my craft/sewing/computer/quiet time room. I am so excited! My camera battery is charging or I would post a picture. Maybe tomorrow.

We bought the home my parents built in my hometown in 1970. We have lived here now three years. It is a really cool story. They sold it in 1993 and I wrote the owner a letter in 2005 and let them know if they were to ever sell the home, we would be interested. The owner called the next day and shazam we have the home! It raised four children (three girls and a boy) and it is now raising four more (three boys and a girl). I love being back in my old neighborhood with the beautiful trees and it is so close to everything. WE can walk to Starbucks if we want! Love it!!

I Dad did income taxes on the side. When the home was built he had an office built into a wasted space in the garage. It has two built in desks with one having a large bookcase built in above it. It has a window and is on the heating/air conditioning system of the home. It is tucked away and near a door going outside of the garage and right next to the door going into the house. This is where all the blogging takes place currently.

We were never really allowed out here when I was growing up but it was one of my favorite places to sneak off to and think. So yesterday I decided it would be the perfect spot to craft/scrapbook/sew/and basically have my own spot to do my own thing with my daughter. I already come out here for quiet times. I am so excited! I can't believe it has taken me this long to figure this out! Maybe since I have not had this much time, nearly two weeks, to just hang out and relax. My creative juices are flowing and I am ready to hit Hobby Lobby tomorrow and pick up a few things that are on clearance!

I hope to have some pictures to post real soon of the progress.


Robin said...

Sounds like heaven on earth if you ask me!

And I said this on my blog, but I think I will be emailing WF and begging them to bring themselves to OCK.

And Hobby Lobby? The mother ship!

Vickie said...

Please DO email WF. I send one about every month. I seriously want them to come here!!!!

I have heard rumblings around town that many others want them to locate on I-35. You do know we are to get an upscale outdoor type of mall by the same development that has done some of the great areas around Frisco! I think I have even seen something in the EEDA (Edmond Economic Development Authority)minutes online before. I am an information nerd.

I totally agree that Hobby Lobby is the Mother Ship. This entire break I have been there, oh I don't know, four or five times!